Jonathan McAninch and Tolitha (Turpin) McAninch


Jonathan McAninch, second son of William and Ladisha, married Tolitha

Turpin, 17 Jun 1824, in adjacent Pulaski Co., and they had 12 [14] children:


 1. James H. McAninch

b. About 1829 [1825], Casey, KY; d. 1904, MO

 2. William Harrison McAninch

b.10-Feb-1836, Casey, KY; d. 21-Sep-1928, MO

 3. George [C.] R. McAninch

b.12 Feb. 1828 [About 1829], Casey, KY.

 4. Franklin Preston McAninch

b.25-Jan-1830, Casey, KY; d. 26-Apr-1908, MO

 5. David McAninch

b. About 1833, Casey, KY; ("was a bachelor")

 6. Mary Jane McAninch

b. About 1835, Casey, KY; mar. Abe Bledsoe

 7. Nancy E. McAninch

b. About 1837, Casey, KY; mar. John C. Smith

 8. Martin McAninch

b. About 1841, Casey, KY.

 9. Martha B. McAninch

b. About 1843, Casey, KY; known as "Mattie"

10. Jesse McAninch

b. About 1845, Casey, KY; d. 25-May-1904, MO

11. Amanda Frances McAninch

b. About 1847, Casey, KY; mar. Horace M. Bell

12. Sarah McAninch

b. About 1849, Casey, KY; "died quite young"

13. Preston McAninch

b.1830, Casey, KY [Franklin Preston McAninch]

14. Polly McAninch

b. 1835, Casey, KY [Mary Jane, known as Polly]


William Harrison McAninch and Julia Ann Hon


William Harrison McAninch, son of Jonathan and Tolitha (Turpin) McAninch, was born

10 Feb 1836 in Danville, Casey County, Kentucky, and married 18 Oct 1866 in Ralls

[County], Missouri, to Julia Ann Hon, who was born 10 Feb 1845, Bath, Kentucky.

William Harrison died 21 Sep 1928, near Peculiar, Cass County, Missouri, and was buried

23 Sep 1928 in West Union Cemetery, south of Belton, Cass County, Missouri.

Julia Ann died 5 Sep 1905 at Belton, Cass County, Missouri. They had 9 children:


 1. Arthur Lee McAninch

b. About 1868, Cass, MO; "died young"

 2. Walter Jackson McAninch

b.29-Apr-1869, Cass, MO.

 3. Lara Etta McAninch

b. 1-May-1871, Cass, MO; mar. William Groh

 4. William Edgar McAninch

b.10-Feb-1873, Cass, MO.

 5. Julia Elizabeth McAninch

b. 7-Jan-1875, Cass, MO; "died in infancy"

 6. Harry Byron McAninch

b.25-Apr-1877, Cass, MO; d. 19-Oct-1936, MO

 7. Charles Curby McAninch

b.26-Jun-1880, Cass, MO; d. 15-Jun-1957, MO

 8. Pearl Ann McAninch

b.15-Jul-1882, Cass, MO; d. 11-Dec-1974

 9. Tolitha Lenior McAninch

b. 7-Feb-1885, Cass, MO.


Their 6th child, Harry Byron McAninch, married Emma Rowland, 7 Sep 1902, at Peculiar,

Cass County, MO., and had four children. Lila Pearl McAninch, their youngest daughter,

was Charles Byron Bridgeforth's mother.


William Harrison's application form, Pension for Ex-Confederate Soldiers, dated 15 Oct.

1915, is the start of a most-interesting Civil War story --


Missouri State Guard (M.S.G.), and Missouri Volunteers, C.S.A. --

(1) Company D, Capt. Sam Lapsley, Lieut. Frank Buckner, 3rd. regiment Infantry,

Col. Hurst, Missouri State Guard

(2) Company A, Capts. John Brinker and John Jarrett, 10th regiment Cavalry,

Col. McDonald, Missouri Volunteers [Quantrill's Command]

"Enlisted May 21, 1861, at Pleasant Hill, Mo., never surrendered, went to Mexico with

General Joe Shelby. Shot in left side, struck in mouth with saber and shot in right arm.

Engagements: Springfield, Pea Ridge, Helena, Wilson's Creek, and Lone Jack."


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