William McAninch's Will, Casey County, Kentucky, 1813


Again, thanks to Charles Byron Bridgeforth's research, we have a copy of William

McAninch's will, dated 15 Feb. 1813, as written in the records of Casey County,

Kentucky. The entire document, both February and July portions, and the names of the

witnesses, is written in the same hand, so it is reasonable to believe that it was written

by the clerk of the court (i.e., copied from original "This writing purporting to be ...").


His will: In the name of God Amen.

I William McAninch of the County of Casey and State of Kentucky being weak in body

but of perfect mind and memory make this my last Will and Testament.

I.E. first & foremost I will and bequeath my soul to Almighty God that gave it[,]

my body to the clay to be entered at the direction of my Executor.

As for the worldly goods which it has pleased God to endow me with I will and

bequeath in the following manner.

First I will and bequeath to my legal and lawful wife Ladosha [sic] McAninch all

my Estate houses[,] lands and all my moveable [sic] Estate with power to collect all

Debts due to me and to pay all my legal Debts[,] the balance to have and to hold in

peaceable possession[sp?] during Widowhood[.] in case of second marriage I will and

bequeath her one third of my Estate.

The rest of my Estate I will and bequeath to my lawful children to be equally divided

between James, Jonathan, William, Samuel, and Jesse [sic, Jesse, not Isaac] McAninch

on condition of their obedience and care of their Mother to have and to hold forever.

I do hereby constitute my wife Ladisha [sic] McAninch sole Executor of this my last

Will and Testament. I renounce all prior Wills or Deed of Gifts.

Given under my hand and seal this 15th of February in the year 1813.

Sealed Signed & acknowledged in the presence of William McAninch.

    James Noonel [Norrell, spelling?], Samuel McAninch, Thomas E. Jones


At a County Court held for Casey County on Monday the 26th day of July 1813.

This writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of William McAninch Dec’d

was produced in Court and being proved by the oaths of James Noonel [Norrell, sp?],

Samuel McAninch and Thomas E. Jones subscribing witnesses thereto is ordered to be

recorded. And on the motion of Ladieca [sic] McAninch the Exor [sic] therein named

who made oath and executed bond with security as the Law directs a certificate is

granted her for obtaining a Probate thereof as the law directs.

    Atteste Ralph Lancaster L.L.L.[?]" [is "L.L.L" a law degree?]


Back then, female children, if any, were often not named in a will, so it is possible that

they had more children. Since he explicitly names these five sons, some other male

children (if any) may have either pre-deceased him, or already been dis-inherited.

A third possibility, an older son who already received his "inheritance" while William

was alive, is unlikely in this case, as William renounces "all prior Wills or Deed of Gifts".


Of the three witnesses, nothing is known about James Noonel [Norrell, spelling?].

However, the "Samuel McAninch" is most likely not William's son Samuel, who was

only 6-8 years old when his father William died. The following is the marriage record

of my great-great-great-grand-father Samuel McAninch, of Casey County, married in

adjacent Lincoln County, in the same year (1813):

"Bond of Samuel McInch [sic] to marry Polly Skidmore, with Thomas E. Jones as

surety, July 5, 1813. Consent of Joseph Skidmore for his daughter, same date, giving

name of groom as Samuel McAninch. Witnessed Thomas E. Jones. Jones made oath

that Polly was over 21 years of age."

The same Samuel McAninch in both records? Is Samuel related to William?


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 3, August 1993 pg.4    page 1993-11


[updated Sept. 2020, witness "Noonel" per Bert Austin transcription of William’s Will]

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