Our feature presentation -- William McAninch of Kentucky, 1790's-to-1813


This man William McAninch was an early pioneer in Casey County, Kentucky.

At this time, we don't know who his parents were, and have no information on date

or place of birth, although he was born in Kentucky, according to later census records

(in the 1880 census, his son Samuel states that his father [William] and his mother

[Ladisha (Laodieca)] were both born in Kentucky). If any earlier records survive, they

could be someplace in Virginia, from before Kentucky became a state in 1792.


William married Ladisha Rawson, about whom we have no further information at this

time; various records show her name spelled as Ladisha, Ladosha, Ladieca, and

Laodieca, as best as I can read the old hand-writing. Since their second child Jonathan

was born 1799-1800 [1793], we can estimate the date of their marriage "Abt 1796"

[see 1. James McAninch below, rev. Nov. 2022 /Frank].


William and Ladisha had five male children, that we know of at this time (in that day

and age, and observing the gaps in the birth dates of those five, very likely there were

others, male and/or female, not yet found):


1. James McAninch (Not born 1797-1800, not born in Kentucky)

Revised: Forward Reference: James McAninch, MFHN v.XXX n.2 p.12 (Nov. 2022 /fm)


2. Jonathan McAninch, born 1799-1800, Lincoln County, 1793, Casey, Kentucky

[1830, 1850, and 1870 census records, 99/fm] , and married 17 Jun 1824 in Pulaski

County, Kentucky. Tolitha Turpin, daughter of James and Polly (maiden name unknown)

Turpin, who was born 1798/1799 in Kentucky. Jonathan and his family moved to

western Missouri (Big Creek Twp., Cass County, in the 1870 census). It is likely that

Jonathan died in Missouri; it is known that his wife Tolitha died in June, 1890, in

Jackson County (north of Cass), Missouri.

Jonathan and Tolitha had [at least] 12 [14] children, with more information below.


3. William McAninch, was born in Kentucky, est. DOB between 1794 and 1804

[born circa 1805, per 1850 census record, 99/fm]


4. Samuel McAninch, was born 10 April 1807 [1805] in Kentucky, and married in 1828,

Margaret Myers, who was born 1812 Tennessee (no info, her parents) [her parents

Charles and Rebecca (Williams) Myers, went to Missouri., 99/fm] Samuel and his family

also moved to Cass County, Missouri, before 1848, and is found there in the 1850,

1870, and 1880 Federal Censuses.


5. Jesse McAninch, born 1812-1813 [after 1805] in Kentucky. On May 5, 1835, in

Pulaski County, Kentucky, a Jesse McIninch(sic) was married to Jane Staats Stotts,

by Wm. O. Brice; the current conjecture is that this is the same Jesse.


We know that William (the father) died in 1813, in Casey County, Kentucky, and we

have a copy of his will, transcribed below. His wife, Ladisha, survived him, and we have

no information on where or when she died later.


Credit for the bulk of this work rests with Charles Byron Bridgeforth, a descendant of

Jonathan McAninch, the second son of William and Ladisha, and formerly of Raytown

(Kansas City area), Jackson County, Missouri.

Kathy obtained a copy of Charles' work from Gary McAninch, in Texas, and sent it to me

earlier this year. Unfortunately, Kathy says that Charles died a few years ago. We don't

know what happened to his original notes; some sheets are marked "Heart of America

Genealogical [?] & Library Inc", Kansas City, Missouri. Of course, additional copies of the

material that I have can be made easily for anyone interested in these McAninch lines.


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 3, August 1993 pg.3 page 1993-10


[original contents (except as noted); change font for online presentation (May 2003)]


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