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A Look at the Surname McAninch, and Where It Might be from in Ireland


Note: This entire article was updated and printed later, McAninch Family


History Newsletter, Vol. V, No. 2, May 1997, pages 1997-11 to 1997-16.




Correspondents and Researchers, and their current research interests:

[List of names and addresses not included in online version, will not be posted on the Internet. Contact information available on request (rev. May 2003 /Frank McAninch)]


Charles B. Bridgeforth

descendant of William McAninch, in Kentucky, 1790's



Don Lee McAninch

McAninch in Texas descended from Joseph McA., Iowa



Kathy and Pat McAninch

Samuel Judson McA., Tenn, Little Rock AR mid-1800's



Lillian McAninch

Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois



Katherine "Mikki" Kintner McA.

McAninch's in Iowa, and connection back to MacInnes



Howard and Betty McAninch

Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin



This Newsletter Published by:


Frank McAninch

south-western Pennsylvania, then to Kentucky

17531 Montbury Circle

and Indiana; trace name Ireland and Scotland

Huntington Beach, California 92649-4823



Several people have asked about both Clan MacInnes, and our surname, so


1. Clan MacInnes Society: Contact Mary A. Faulk, Secretary/Treasurer,

    8232 Kay Court, Annandale, Virginia 22003; telephone 703-560-4371


2. Feature Article: a look at our surname, and some first steps in identifying where it may have come from in Ireland


Next issue: newly-discovered McAninch genealogies, from Missouri, Texas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and/or, hopefully, Washington state.


Dubious Publishers: We all get the mail-order come-ons, from Bath, Ohio, and other places; the latest I've seen is for "The McAninch Family News", out of Denver, Colorado. Their letterhead says "McAninch", but the real address is The Family News Network, which leaves one wondering how much they really have specific to "McAninch". If anyone has any experience with these people, good or bad, please let us know, and we'll pass it on.


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