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And, "long" chart, Descendants of Samuel Judson McAninch:         

(New, info from Kathy McAninch, in Houston, connection not yet known)


     4?- Samuel Judson McAninch        b. Jun 1857 Memphis, TN       

                                       d. 22 Jan 1916 Little Rock, AR

         sp- Jessie May Ladd           b. 26 Sep 1867 Little Rock, AR

           m. 26 Sep 1888 Little Rock, AR  d. 21 Oct 1965 Little Rock AR

         5?- Claibourne Judson McAninch    b. 3 Jul 1889 Little Rock AR

         sp- Ola Unk.maiden W. Smith        

         5?- Jesse Mercer McAninch     b. 14 Nov 1891 Little Rock, AR

                                       d.  4 Apr 1977 Little Rock, AR

         sp- Hazel Worthen             m.  5 Jun 1916 Little Rock, AR

             6?- William Judson McAninch         

             sp- Lilly Bass                      

                 7?- Michael Alan McAninch       

                 7?- Patrick Donald McAninch     

Kathy ----->     sp- Mary Kathleen McQuitty      

                     8?- Melinda Kay McAninch    

                     8?- Patrick William McAninch

                 7?- Mary Ann McAninch           

                 sp- John Michael Taylor         

                     8?- Debra Michelle Taylor   

                     8?- John Matthew Taylor     

         5?- Ruth McAninch             b. 12 May 1894 Little Rock AR

         sp- Beverly Woods Nininger    m. 26 Jun 1917 Little Rock AR

             6?- Barbara Jean Nininger           

             sp- W. Avis Herring                 

         5?- Arthur Neal McAninch      b. 23 Oct 1897 Little Rock AR

         sp- Virginia Shepard          m. Abt 1935 Little Rock, AR

             6?- Arthur Neal McAninch Jr.        

             sp- Sonja Jackson                   

                 7?- Virginia McAninch           

                 sp- Michael Tuley               

                 7?- Elizabeth Katherine McAninch

                 sp- Brian Wilson                

                 7?- Sabrina McAninch            

                 sp- Sam H. Jones Jr.            

             6?- William Shepard McAninch        

             sp- Virginia Buford                 

                 7?- Cecile McAninch             

                 7?- Shepard McAninch            

         sp- Cecile Henderson                    

         5?- Martha McAninch           b. 26 Nov 1907 Little Rock AR

         sp- Silas Patrick Hamm        m. 20 Apr 1936 Little Rock AR

             6?- Patsy Ruth Hamm      

             6?- Helen Hamm           

             6?- Maureen Hamm         

             6?- Kenneth Hamm         

         5?- Paul Edward McAninch      b. 31 Jul 1911 Little Rock AR

         sp- Mallie Bowden             m. 15 Apr 1933 Little Rock AR

             6?- Marilyn McAninch       

             6?- Paul Edward McAninch Jr.


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 1, March 1993 pg.5      page 1993-05


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