McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. I, Number 1, March 7, 1993

[Re-print, January 1999]




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Descendancy Chart, Daniel [O.?] McAninch [born circa 1750-1755]

page 1993-01




[Descendants] Milton Fletcher McAninch,

page 1993-03


b. 25 Mar 1858 Hendricks, Indiana





[Descendants] Samuel Judson McAninch, b. Jun 1857 Memphis, TN

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Correspondents and Researchers:

This Newsletter Published by:

[addresses not included online, contact


info available on request (May 2003 /fm)]

Frank McAninch


17531 Montbury Circle

Don Lee McAninch

Huntington Beach,


California 92649-4823

Kathy and Pat McAninch



Telephone: 714-8465134

Lillian McAninch



And, a copy for my parents:

Katherine "Mikki" McAninch

Howard and Betty McAninch



Well, it's finally happened -- there's so much new information here, and I want to

pass all of the new McAninch family info on to all of you, so, will start the 'newsletter'

format, along with individual cover letters.


Our feature presentation is an abbreviated, seven-generation Descendancy chart,

from Daniel (O.?) McAninch, our immigrant ancestor, believed to have been born

about 1750, somewhere in Ulster province, in Northern Ireland.


There are "short" charts for Lillian, Frank, and Mikki below, to show how each of us

is descended from the original Daniel. Complete information is always available, of

course, either by print-out, and/or GEDCOM file (specify disk size and format).


There are two NEW "long" charts below, the first from Don Lee McAninch, of Pearland,

Texas (via Kathy, thank you!), with lots of descendants through Joseph (P.?), second

son of Samuel, passed through Indiana to Iowa; and the second "long" chart by Kathy

McAninch, from Samuel J. McAninch, Little Rock, Arkansas, from Tennessee, whose

connection is not yet known.



DESCENDANCY CHART, Daniel [O.?] McAninch ... [original date] March 3, 1993


[middle-initial (O.?), Jan. 1999 /fm]



1 -- Daniel MCANINCH (, Ulster, N. Ireland,, Tennessee?)


[d.Tennessee? (Kentucky) Aug. 2003 /fm]

Second generation:


2 - John McAninch [, Pennsylvania?] [Aug. 2003 /fm]

2 -- Samuel MCANINCH [b.1789 (1783), PA, d.1859, Hendricks, IN] [Aug. 2003]

2 -- George A. MCANINCH [b.Abt.1794, Virginia (Westmoreland PA) (Kentucky)]

2 -- Daniel McAninch [, Kentucky] [Daniel J.?] [Aug. 2003 /fm]

2 -- fifth son [?Henry, b.1802-04]

[five known sons, Jan. 1999 /fm]


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 1, March 1993 pg. 1 page 1993-01


[original contents (except as noted); change font for online presentation (May 2003)]


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