Giles County, Tennessee, Deed Book Records, 1814-1841  
John McAninch, of Kentucky and Tennessee MFHN pg.1995-16
Giles County Tax List, 1812 MFHN pg.1995-35
Giles County Tax List, 1819 MFHN pg.1997-28
Tennessee, 1820 Census: Two McAninch's MFHN pg.1994-37
1820, Mary McAninch married Jordan Whitley MFHN pg.1999-18
McAninch in Early Court Records, Giles County MFHN pg.1996-08
Giles County, early 1800’s, Flournoy Rivers' Manuscripts MFHN pg.1997-28
Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Giles County, 1829 MFHN pg.2000-02
Myers-McAninch Marriage, 1828; "Myers-Williams" Query MFHN pg.1998-30
Six McAninch's in the 1830 Census, Giles County MFHN pg.1994-37
McAninch from Kentucky through Tennesee to Missouri MFHN pg.1996-31
Giles County, Tax List , 1836 MFHN pg.1998-29 
Enumeration [of] Children in School District No. 13, 1838 MFHN pg.1995-35

Henry McAninch witness to John Wagstaff’s will, 1838

MFHN pg.1996-15
Tennessee, 1840 Census: Two McAninch's MFHN pg.1994-38
Mary Narcissa Mc(A)Ninch, born March 11, 1831  MFHN pg.1999-27 
Father-Candidates for Mary Narcissa and Martha Jane MFHN pg.1999-28 
Pension Files, George J. / Mary Narcissa (McN) Thompson MFHN pg.1999-29 
Census Records, McAninch/McNinch, Campbell, Thompson MFHN pg.1999-31 
Lucille N. Davis Notes; Thompson-McNinch Family Records MFHN pg.1999-33 


Clan MacInnes Tartan
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