John McAninch, Pioneer, Armstrong Co., Penn., part 5 of 10

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1790s: Buffalo Twp. "Adjoining "Speculation" on the east is the Cogley-Ross-Huston land,

adjoining the southern part of which on the east is a tract, a rectangular parallelogram,

100 acres, surveyed to John McAnninch [sic], on which he settled probably before 1800;

with 75 acres of which, 1 horse and 2 cows, he was assessed in 1805, and the next year at $62.

He continued to be assessed with the land until 1834. This is probably a part of a larger tract

which included the heretofore-mentioned Joseph Cogley tracts, which was assessed to

Nathaniel George in 1805, and respecting which Rachel Jones and John McIninch [sic]

entered into a written agreement, August 16, 1797, the substance of which was, that Rachel

and John should keep settled for George for five years "a certain tract of land, situate on

Slippery Rock path, bounded by James Cogley, Sr., N. 87 E. 343, and by Daniel McClelland,

87 W., 240 perches," to clear and put under fence 8 or more acres, and convey to him the

remainder of the tract left after deducting 50 acres containing the improvement to be made

by them, for which George was to give them "a clear deed out of the office,"

[script, crossed L, English "pounds" symbol] L5 in store goods and L5 [5 pounds] in cash.

George's inchoate [sic] title does not appear from the records to have been perfected.

McIninch [sic] conveyed 99 acres to Asa Freeman, April 6, 1834, for $450."

Book, _History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania_, by Robert Walter Smith, Esq.,

pub. 1883, Waterman, Watkins & Co., Chicago; pg. 497