John McAninch, Pioneer, Armstrong Co., Penn., part 4 of 10

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1797: … Nathaniel George of the Town of Greensburg Merchant ...  bound         

... to Rachel Jones and John McIninch both in Allegheny County and State of Pennsylvania  ... 

George doth bargain and promise to ... Rachel and John their heirs and assigns a clear deed

out of the office for fifty acres of land and ten pounds  in store goods five pounds and in cash

five pounds against the first day of November ... George doth further promise to give ...

Rachel full and free possession upon the first day of September if requested  ... Rachel and

John doth firmly agree and promise to keep settled for ... George his heirs or assigns free for

the space of five years a certain tract of land situate in Allegheny County in the Slippery rock

path  Bounded by James Cogley ... N. 87 E. 34.3 perches South 87 W. 240 by

Daniel McClelland situate in the west side of the Allegheny ... further agree to convey to …

George his heirs or assigns the remainder of [said] tract of land forever ... George ... firmly

bound to ... Rachel and John to give them the improvements for part of the fifty acres ...

Rachel and John ... bound to clear eighteen more acres of land ... under good fence ...

with a house fit for the habitation of seven ...

sixteenth day of August one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven Greensburgh.

/s/ Nathaniel George  /s/ Rachel Jones  /s/ John [his mark] McIninch

Westmoreland County ss

Before me one of the Judges in and for the County aforesaid personally

appeared John Hill one of the subscribing witnesses to the within articles of agreement who ...

saw Nathaniel George and Rachel Jones sign their names ... and John McIninch set his mark

also to the said article of agreement in his presents and that he this deposant [sic] signed his

name thereto at the same time as a witness 

Sworn and subscribed before me the 30th December 1807. /s/ John Hill

Recorded 23 January 1808; Armstrong County, Deed Books, Volume I, page 160.