William McAninch and his five sons:  
James, Jonathan, William, Samuel, and Jesse  
William McAninch of Kentucky, 1790’s-to-1813 MFHN pg.1993-10
William McAninch’s Will, Casey County, Kentucky, 1813 MFHN pg.1993-11
Jonathan McAninch and Tolitha (Turpin) McAninch MFHN pg.1993-12
William Harrison [Harry] McAninch and Julia Ann Hon MFHN pg.1993-12
Descendant Chart, William McAninch, of Kentucky MFHN pg.1993-13
McAninch in early Lincoln Co. Tax Books, 1787-1805 MFHN pg.1994-05

William McAninch of Casey Co., Kentucky, 1790's-to-1813

MFHN pg.1994-06
Time Line, "McAninch", Early Lincoln / Pulaski / Casey Co.'s MFHN pg.1994-22
1815, Jas. Harrell mar. Dosha McIninch (widow of William)  MFHN pg.1994-34
Jesse, Youngest Son of William McAninch, Casey County MFHN pg.1996-05

Daniel and William McA/Ninch, Greene Co., Tenn., 1796-1797

MFHN pg.1997-29
Daniel McAninch, Part II: Penn. 1790 to Lincoln Co. Ky MFHN pg.2001-11
Eight of William's Grandsons, in three parts -- MFHN pg.2001-27
McAninchs for the Confederacy: MFHN pg.2002-03
Eight Who Fought for Southern Independence MFHN pg.2002-12


Clan MacInnes Tartan
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