Daniel McAninch and his five sons:  
John, Samuel, George A., Daniel, and ?Henry  
(back to) Daniel McA. (1 of 3), (forward to) Daniel McA. (3 of 3)  
McA/I/Ninch in Published Pennsylvania State Archives MFHN pg.1996-03
McA/I/Ninch in First Census of the United States (1790) MFHN pg.1996-04
1788 Pittsburgh Gazette Daniel McAninch MFHN pg.1993-07
Daniel McAninch's 400 Acres, and 1813 Survey MFHN pg.1996-07
Two McCanich's, 1820 Census, Jefferson Co., Kentucky MFHN pg.1996-15
Old Willow Springs Methodist Church and Cemetery MFHN pg.1996-19

John McAninch, 1812-1817, gone to Giles Co., Tennessee

MFHN pg.1996-30
McAninch from Kentucky through Tennessee to Missouri MFHN pg.1996-31
(Charles Winston McAninch, James Franklin McAninch)  
Mc(ac)A/I/Ninch(sh) Surnames, from (northern) Ireland  MFHN pg.1997-11 
McAninch-Ross Marriages, Casey County, Kentucky MFHN pg.1997-27
More McAninch-Ross Connections, Casey County, Kentucky  MFHN pg.2002-28 

Daniel and William McA/Ninch, Greene Co., Tenn., 1796-1797

MFHN pg.1997-29
Daniel McNeneh [McNinch?] married Mary Smith, 1776 MFHN pg.1998-33


Clan MacInnes Tartan
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