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Daniel McAninch, Pennsylvania / Kentucky / Tennessee Daniel McAninch
Daniel McAninch, Part II: Penn. 1790 to Lincoln Co. Ky  MFHN pg.2001-11 
William McAninch of Kentucky, 1790’s-to-1813 William McAninch
William McAninch’s Will, Casey County, Kentucky, 1813 MFHN pg.1993-11
Kentucky, 1793, Ohio River boat, letter for John M'Ninch MFHN pg.1994-34
Kentucky, 1796, Cumberland Gap, The Wilderness Road MFHN pg.2001-02
McAninch in early Lincoln County Tax Books, 1787-1805 MFHN pg.1994-05
McAninch in early Pulaski County Tax Books, 1799-1802 MFHN pg.2003-28
Time Line, "McAninch", early Lincoln / Pulaski / Casey Co.'s MFHN pg.1994-22
Daniel McAninch's 400 Acres, and 1813 Survey MFHN pg.1996-07

John McAninch, of Kentucky and Tennessee

MFHN pg.1995-16
John McAninch, 1812-1817, gone to Giles Co., Tennessee MFHN pg.1996-30
John McAninch married Patsy Cooper, Pulaski County MFHN pg.2000-27
Pulaski County, early Marriage Bonds, 1801, 1805, 1806 MFHN pg.2000-27


Clan MacInnes Tartan
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