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Daniel and Rhoda McAninch, Coatesville, Indiana

 Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch, and Daniel A. McAninch (Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. McAninch, photographed for their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1919) / 8   Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch (on the right), and Daniel McAninch's head; another lady, and a young woman holding a baby / Small snapshot / Date: early 1900's (?) / Location: McAninch house, West Main St., Coatesville / Photographer: Unknown / Annotation (Front): None; (Back): None / Acquisition: Feb. 2005, estate of Lillian Louise McAninch  Man (Daniel A. McAninch?) and horse / 3.5     Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch / black and white portrait / Date: 1869 (?) / Photographer: Unknown / Annotation: None / Other Info: Rhoda Wilson and Daniel A. McAninch were married 23 Dec. 1869, in Coatesville, Indiana; believed to be Rhoda's wedding picture, which Daniel carried inside the back cover of his railroader's pocket watch. / Acquisition: July 1992, from Howard Elwood McAninch  Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch / black and white portrait / Date: 1869 (?) / Other Info: original image capture from watch, showing