Ulster (1 of 3)

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McIninch marriages, McGrotty, and Anna McColgin MFHN pg.1994-04
Ulster, Northern Ireland Tourist Board MFHN pg.1994-13
Ulster, index of Wills, 1804, John M'Ininch, Liverpool MFHN pg.1994-14
Ulster, surnames from the Irish "Mac Aonghasa" MFHN pg.1995-02
Ulster, the Clan Mac Innes MFHN pg.1995-03
Gaelic, MacAonghais pronounced (Mock-ah-noo-ish) MFHN pg.1995-11
Ulster, Clan system MFHN pg.1995-12
Ulster, 1800's, Tithe Applotment, Griffiths Valuation MFHN pg.1995-13
Ulster, 1831 Census, County Londonderry MFHN pg.1995-24
Two McIninch's from Ulster to Canada and U.S. MFHN pg.1995-32


Clan MacInnes Tartan
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