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Ontario 1871, Thomas & Ellen Jan (McIninch) McGrotty MFHN pg.1994-41
Two McIninch's from Ulster to Canada and U.S. MFHN pg.1995-32
Ontario, 1861 and 1871, Robert McIninch and family MFHN pg.1995-34
New Brunswick, January 1843, Eliza McIninch MFHN pg.1996-22
Ontario, 1849, Janet McAinsh mar. Ewen Cameron MFHN pg.1996-22
Recently-Published: Atlantic Canadians 1600-1900. MFHN pg.1996-23
Central Canadians 1600-1900; Ontario 1871 Census MFHN pg.1996-23
Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA) MFHN pg.1996-24
New Brunswick: McIninch, McNintch, and MacNintch MFHN pg.1996-30


Clan MacInnes Tartan
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